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Fun, but very little meat to it. The attempt at horror falls flat. An interesting, if overly artsy at times, story, with a good message. A wonderful wrap up to the collection.

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While The Box: Uncanny Stories contains some less than stellar stories, the whole of the collection is of a very high average quality. The Box is a very quick read, and is a fun diversion. Well worth it for fans of Matheson, and for newcomers this is a nice step into the style of one of the greats. You can certainly see, if you have read much early Stephen King, how Matheson was a strong influence and one King admits to , as these stories, less in content but more in style and presentation, definitely are close. Posted by Luke Forney at PM.

Labels: Matheson. No comments:. What if you were told that you could make a fortune just by pushing a button on a box?

But pressing this button will simultaneously cause the death of another human being somewhere in the world. Would you still push the button? In addition, this outstanding collection also contains many other unforgettable stories by Matheson, the award-winning author of I Am Legend and What Dreams May Come. In just a few easy steps below, you can become an online reviewer. You'll be able to make changes before you submit your review.

Eh From Amazon A couple stories were good. But about half were very difficult to understand. A decent read but definitely worth avoiding a few of the stories. Several of his stories were adapted into some of the best TWILIGHT ZONE episodes ever, Stephen Spielberg's first major directing project was a tv film based upon one of his stories, there have been numerous movies made based upon his novels and stories, and Stephen King has stated that Matheson is one of his creative influences.

That short story has been out of print for awhile and when I saw that it was included in this new anthology of old Matheson works, I decided to pick up a copy of THE BOX. Most of the stories are pretty good and that quality, with a few exceptions, is pretty consistent throughout the collection.

However, unlike other Matheson collections I have read or heard of, there really isn't one break-out story. The book includes the following stories. The package is simply a button.


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The couple later learns that if they push the button, they will receive a large sum of money but someone they don't know will die as a result. The husband has no interest, but the wife is curious and they could really use the money. Perhaps people, even those as close as a husband and wife, don't know each other as well as they think. The woman wants to use her "gift" to help others, but her lecherous boyfriend just sees it as a way for them to make money and his ticket to fortune and a better looking woman.

They go to use the bathroom. The wife comes out, but the husband never reappears.

Thus, begins a tale of mystery and suspense as the wife tries to find out what happened to her husband. The husband and wife are appalled but soon discover that they are about the only ones in their neighborhood who don't enjoy having daily visits from different women all selling the same thing. A somewhat humorous story with a warning about allowing oneself to compromise.

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A woman awakens to find puncture marks on her neck and no matter what she does to protect herself she awakens with the marks every morning. Her husband doesn't believe in vampires and is sure there is something else going on. He sends it out to be published and his audience is excited to read his latest tale. A survivor, a boy, is later found in the woods. The boy is a full grown child, yet cannot speak and the townsfolk wonder what kind of experimental childrearing his parents committed. Meanwhile, a scientist from Europe travels to the town to find out what happened to the boy and his family.

The organ has been a part of the church for over 80 years and the organist is sure the instrument is alive and senses what is being planned for her.