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Long time, no see.

Where are you from? I understand I don't understand Please speak more slowly Please say that again Please write it down Do you speak English?

Do you speak? How do you say Speak to me in Excuse me How much is this?

Long Time, No See — Expression Is Called Derogatory to Asians | National Review

Sorry Please Thank you Where's the toilet? Do you come here often? I miss you I love you Get well soon Go away! Leave me alone! Call the police! Arabic Lebanese.

long time no see

Arabic Modern Standard. Armenian Western. Alaid kito no au nokopiruba. Hace mucho tiempo no hay mira yo contigo Por cuantos tiempo no hay mira. Apmam tiempo ti uli'e hao It's a long time since I've seen you Apmam tiempo ti uli'e hit It's a long time since we've seen each other. Chinese Cantonese.

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Chinese Teochew. Ahaid kito au nokopisohovot Ahaid kito au nokopisoomo! Canto tempo sen verte Canto tempo sen te ver.

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Lange nicht gesehen! Greek Ancient. Greek Modern. Lama tidak bertemu Lama tidak berjumpa. She tammylt liauyr neayr's honnick mee oo sg She tammylt liauyr neayr's honnick mee shiu pl. Ndebele Northern - Zimbabwe. Northern Sotho. Lenge siden sist! This then becomes the analytical framework for every new controversy. There are at least two fundamental problems with Read More.

Long Time, No See

By Kevin D. They're facing charges. By David French.

Yesterday, the California Court of Appeals issued a truly remarkable opinion in a truly remarkable case. We still don't know the details of a whistleblower complaint that is "said" to involve Trump's dealings with the new Ukrainian government, but we are learning of alleged efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.

Chris Cuomo's interview with Giuliani last night was truly wild.

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You can watch By Matthew Continetti. It is impossible to separate the latest attack on Justice Brett Kavanaugh from the political strategy of the Democratic party. By Daniel Gelernter. The facade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, designed by Richard Morris Hunt in , contains four large niches that might display sculpture but have traditionally been left empty. This was prudent good taste on the Met's part, since sculpture on buildings is a tricky business that few artists in our age of By Robert VerBruggen. The lawsuit against Harvard claiming it discriminates against Asian applicants may or may not succeed.

The school was forced to turn its admissions data over to an expert By The Editors. Most Trump news cycles pass faster than a summer storm, but this one will last a while.