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What procedure did you follow? Did you put everything in the pot on the stove, bring it to a boil, then let simmer? Slow-Cooker Bacon Corn Chowder. Kitchen Tested. Prep 15 min Total 3 hr 30 min Ingredients 9 Servings 8. By Pillsbury Kitchens. Make with. Ingredients 1. Steps Hide Images. Cover; cook on High heat setting 3 to 4 hours or until potatoes are tender. In small bowl, beat half-and-half and cornstarch with whisk until smooth.

Stir half-and-half mixture and bacon into mixture in slow-cooker. Cover; cook 10 to 15 minutes longer or until slightly thickened. Jump to Video. Expert Tips. Store in the freezer for up to 3 months. Thaw frozen soup in the refridgerator overnight, then reheat over medium heat or in the microwave until hot. Garnish each bowl of hot soup with a spoonful of Cheddar or grated Parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of fresh thyme leaves or dill. Toss up a baby kale salad with an orange vinaigrette and toasted pecans to serve alongside.

Look for bags of tender bite-size potatoes—they can be red-skinned with a creamy interior or yellow-skinned with a golden interior.

Betty Crocker 1500 Calorie a Day Cookbook

Carbohydrate Choice 2. More About This Recipe. Hearty and creamy, this classic corn chowder with bacon takes a few minutes to pull together, then spends the next few hours simmering itself into delicious perfection. They believe French fishermen, who made hearty stews over an open campfire, originally introduced the dish to Newfoundland. This corn chowder recipe is sure to become a classic with you, too. We Also Love. Chicken and Vegetable Chowder. Slow-Cooker Beef and Bean Soup. Dump-It Tex-Mex Soup.

Cheesy Potato Slow-Cooker Soup. Southwest Potato Corn Chowder. Try These Next. Slow-Cooker Bacon-Corn Pudding.

Easy Ham and Potato Corn Chowder. Corn and Shrimp Chowder. Rate and Comment. Tried it for the first time last night and we were delighted with this recipe! Easy, and delicious! We use fresh corn that we grew in our backyard. Was very good and I did it on the stove top and it still turned out great. Husband wants me to add clams to it next time. I have never liked chowder before, but this is delicious.

I used frozen white corn, no salt added Progresso chicken broth, left out the 1 t. So easy to make and I'm giving it all to my mom and making another batch for us. Extremely easy to make, omitted onions with no lack of taste, but I did let it simmer longer to get it thicker. Used small red potatoes making it easy to cut into quarters, or halves. Was going to add mashed potatoes to get a thicker soup, but the extra simmering did it. Quick to prep and delicious. Family pleaser week night dinner! Made this before and it was great but wished it was a little thicker. Trying it this time with a mixture of half and half and heavy whipping cream.

Wish me luck. Definitely recommend getting the smaller red potatoes. Saves time and works out great. Very hearty dish. Made this a few nights ago and found it to be very good. I used a thicker cut of hickory smoked bacon and a table spoon of butter. Flavor came out pretty good. Don't know what I did wrong, but it was awful. Will try it again but not soon, the family wasn't happy. Simple and delicious. I added a small amount of cubes ham.

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Very satisfying. Being a carnivore, I put in a pound and a half of bacon. Should have reduced or eliminated the salt in that case. I made this tonight. After reading previous reviews, I tweaked the recipe a bit - I used 2 lbs of fingerling potatoes, two cups of corn, one cup of mixed vegetables and added the bacon just before serving the chowder to maintain the crispness, as well as one tablespoon of unsalted butter. No additional corn starch was necessary or flour. Everyone enjoyed it. Very bland.

I had to add 2 tsp garlic powder and some more pepper to spice it up. Wife being the cook loved the simplicity and ease of preparation, and the its great tastefulflavor. So good.

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This has been a go-to recipe for a while. My dad even asked for it for his birthday gift! It was great. I will make it again. I am the only one that eats it. I made on stovetop. It was amazing!!! Family loved it. I served it with some warm italian bread. Super easy! Will definitely make it again. Thanks for a great recipes.

Very flavorful, but did not thicken enough, so added flour to get it to thicken. I used a bag of corn and one of mixed veggies corn, peas, carrots and green beans and used ham instead of bacon only had turkey bacon on hand Made this on Sunday for the Football game, only thing I added was some diced baked ham topped it with a little cheddar cheese and some oyster crackers.

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It was delicious. I used only 1 bag of corn and added chicken breasts for a more robust soup that is more dinner worthy. Minced onions instead of chopped onions. More family friendly. Served with a green vegetable and sourdough bread for the finishing touches. I too would make it a little thicker and add some spices next time. It turned out really good. I only put one bag of corn in it and was enough. I also put some shredded cheddar cheese in it at the same time I put in bacon. It made it even better. This recipe looks amazing but I have a favor to ask! Campbells soup used to make a soup called Chicken Mushroom Chowder and it was awesome!!!

I have tried to duplicate it they discontinued it but just can't get it right! My only tweak was to add additional corn starch so it would be a little thicker and cook for an extra 30 min. My family really enjoyed this soup so easy to make. Great flavor, didn't thicken up as much as I'd like. My family loved it. If you want it thicker, add some instand potato flakes. A little at a time. I heard this hint a long time ago. I works!! I have not only made this recipe, I have made it twice in the past two weeks and both times there was none to even have for leftovers.

I am making this my new "go to" potato soup recipe. I love it and so does my work family and my church family. Thanks Pillsbury!!! I didn't change the ingredients, but I had more of everything on hand, not enough for a double recipe, but I had a pound and a half of potatoes, so I used all of those, and increased everything else by 8 oz net wt or 8 fluid ounces, then a whole cup of onion and 3 TBSP cornstarch.

It came out great and it gets better and better every day! I'm making this today, and it smells amazing. I used frozen home potatoes to cut down on prep time, and added some cubed chicken. Instead of corn starch to thicken, I'm going to try another commenter's suggestion of adding some instant potatoes to thicken the soup. Going to top with cheese and chives! This is a very good, easy soup. Finished mine off stove top as the potatoes wouldn't cooperate and cook in the crock pot!

Wouldn't change a thing. This was easy and a real winner.

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I plan to make this when camping and share with camping neighbors. I am sure I will need to take copies of the recipe!!!! My husband is allergic to chicken. What should I use in place of the chicken broth? This is a good soup I add a little cheese to it. Serve with a salad or your favorite sandwitch. Loved this recipe. Thank you Pillsbury. I have made this recipe 3 times, sharing it with extended family.

It tasted good but it never did get thick. Even after 30 minutes on high. It's good to be health conscious, but you can relax once in a while, and have a delicious culinary experience. If the truth were known, all of your low fat ingredients aren't necessarily healthy either. Relax and enjoy something really good once in a while. You are putting an awful lot of unnecessary stress on yourself. That's just as bad for your heart, and you'll get early wrinkles too.

This wasn't bad but it wasn't great. It was a little bland so I added a little bit of garlic salt. I did add uncooked bacon at the beginning to give it a smokey flavor, which it did; however, the additional cooked bacon just got soggy. I think next time I make this I will add: seasoned salt like Lawry's, a kielbasa or an andouille sausage; crumble cooked bacon on the top still keep the shredded cheese.

Used diced ham instead of bacon and added cheddar cheese. So good! Hubby had 3 bowls!!! This recipe is easy and delicious! I use a pint of heavy cream, and a stick of butter, rather than the half n half no counting calories here. After browning the bacon, I throw a bag of corn in the drippings and brown it a little, the onions too, it soaks up the bacon bits and gives the chowder a nice sweet roasted flavor. I have also used fresh corn cut from the cob.. I never thought of adding celery and carrots.. Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!

Thoroughly enjoyed this comfort food!!! But help!!! Can this be frozen ok? Will it affect the potatoes??? I have ALOT leftover! I made this and it was delicious! It still turned out delicious! I kept the bacon and cheese on the side and my family members chose which they wanted. So, a serving size would be approximately 1 cup. Also, if one is concerned about salt, just leave out the bacon which has a great deal of salt. Unless one is on a salt free diet, I have read studies that say more than the RDA is o. For instance if one is an athlete or one lives in a very hot climate, one would possibly need more salt.

Depends on lifestyle in other words.

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Just my opinion. I made this but I used canned corn instead. I think I should have drained the corn. We've detected you're shopping from Finland, so we've set this as your delivery location. You may see a reduced selection of products. If your location is incorrect, please click on the country in the site menu above to change it. Deals Brands. Sell Account. Delivery to: Finland. Description Keep calories under control from breakfast to dinner For anyone who wants to cut down on their calories without giving up on their favorite foods, Betty Crocker The 1, Calories a Day Cookbook is the ultimate resource.

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