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A microscopic investigation into the breakage behavior of calcareous origin grains in 1D compression.

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Breakage in granular material has gained extensive research attention recently. This grain scale behavior would cause significant change to the macroscopic response. The development of x-ray micro-tomography technique makes it possible to non-dest A study on characteristics evaluation to control quality of asphalt mixture using X-rayCT. Experimental study of trapdoor problem in 3 dimensions with X-ray CT - Transition from plane strain to 3D behavior.

This paper present an experimental study of the trapdoor problem in 3-dimensions using X-ray computed tomography. Trapdoor tests were performed on layers of glass beads of different sizes.

Different trapdoor shapes varying from square to rectangul Study of cracking process of clay cap barrier in landfill using X-ray CT. In Japan, surface facilities are being considered, as is already the case in France, for the storage of low-activity nuclear wastes. At these sites, a compacted clay liner CCL in combination with different soil and geosynthetic layers is Evaluation of ground behavior due to the deformation of drain materials under consolidation process using X-ray CT.

Vertical drain method has been used as one of soft ground stabilization techniques. However, it is known that the drain materials are deformed with consolidation settlement of the ground and due to this behavior, the capacity of drainage through t Contaminant migration in unsaturated porous media using X-ray computerized tomography CT. Displacement in sand under triaxial compression by tracking soil particles on X-ray CT data.

X-ray CT imaging of 3-D bearing capacity mechanism for vertically loaded shallow foundations. Evaluation of tyre products as ground improving geomaterials. Arching observation in three-dimensional trapdoor problem with X-ray CT and discrete element method. Image analysis of soil failure on defective underground pipe due to cyclic water supply and drainage using X-ray CT.

Visualization of soil arching on reinforced embankment with rigid pile foundation using X-ray CT. Foreword to IS Kyushu special issue on new horizons in earth reinforcement. Study on the pollutant transport in unsaturated sand using CT.

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The construction of embankment on soft ground often causes the differential settlement. A deep mixing method of soil stabilization and earth reinforcement technology using geogrid are used in order to reduce this settlement. It is usually consider Recently, light weight soil made of dredged slurry with cement and air foam has been used for waterfront constructions. The characteristics of this material can be influenced by seawater when it is used in coastal areas.

Advances in Computed Tomography for Geomaterials: GeoX [Book]

There is a risk that some Visualization of three dimensional failure in sand due to water inflow and soil drainage from defective under ground pipe using X-ray CT. Investigation of direct shear behavior on tire chips using X-ray CT. Recently, new geomaterials such as tire chips which is one of recycle materials from used tires has been developed as a reduction method of earth pressure behind caisson or wall structures.

However, the mechanical property of tire chips has not be The purpose of this study is to develop a new geo-material using recycled scrap tire. In this study, triaxial compression test with X-ray CT scanning was conducted for the material of treated soil mixing with tire chips and cement. The material of Displacement property in sand under triaxial compression using X-ray CT. Load transfer effect between soil and geogrid on pile element. Evaluation of load transfer mechanism on deep mixing method combined with earth reinforcement technology.

Investigation of failure patterns in sand due to laterally loaded pile using X-ray CT. Visualization of vertical bearing capacity on sheet-pipe-sheet-piles using X-ray CT scanner. X-ray CT computed Tomography for geotechnical engineering. Investgation of crack behavior on cover soils at landfill using X-ray CT. Investigation of interaction behavior between soil and face bolts using X-ray CT.

Engineering property of cement treated clay with tire chips. Experimental study of compaction bands in diatomaceous porous rock. Evaluation of passive failure at tunnel face using X-ray CT. Observation of compaction bands under triaxial conditions for diatomaceous mudstone. Visualization of load transfer mechanism of reinforced soil on pile element using X-ray CT method. Visualizaiton of soil behavior due to lateral pile loadings using X-ray CT scanner.

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Vertical bearing capacity of steel sheet piles. Evaluation of auxiliary method in tunnel construction using X-ray CT. Visualization of load transfer mechanisms of reinforced earth on pile element using X-ray CT method. Analysis on mechanical property of cover soils in landfill using X-ray CT. Evaluation of particle crushing in soils using X-ray CT data. The objective of this paper is to evaluate particle crushing in the soil using the results of X-ray CT scanning without any destruction and sampling.

First of all, the properties of X-ray CT data are discussed using its statistical consideration. Application of X-ray CT on boundary value problems in geotechnical engineering. Visualization of permeability phenomena in lightweight treated soil mixed with air foam using X-ray CT scanner. Visualization of interaction mechanism between soil and geogrid using X-ray CT scanner. Permeability of lightweight treated soil mixed with air foam. Evaluation of three-dimensional tunnel face failure mechanism using X-ray CT.

State of the art report on geosynthetic-reinforced soil walls in Japan. Evaluation of the mechanism of tunnel face failure using X-ray CT scanner. Effect of fines contents in soils on pull-out mechanism og geogrid. Visualization of the mechanism of tunnel face failure. Visualization of 3-D failure patterns of ground due to lateral pile loadings. Characterization of soil cutting with flat blade in sand by using X-ray CT method. Chaarcterization of permeability on light weight soil with air foam using X-ray CT scanner.

Artifacts of X-ray CT data in the analysis of geotechnical properties. Visualization of failure patterns under vertically loaded pile foundation using X-ray CT method. Characterization of failure in sand under triaxial compression using industrial X-ray CT scanner. Evaluation of hydraulic property of mixed soil with air foam using X-ray CT method. Bearing capacity and failure machanism of reinfored foundations based on rigid plastic finite element method. Measurement of induced stress under high rock stress by compact conical-ended borehole overcoring technique. Recent trend on case histories of reinforced soil walls in Japan. The objective of this paper is to evaluate both physical and mechanical properties of in-situ light weight soil with air foams using an industrial X-ray CT scanner. The purpose of this paper is to characterize seepage and dying properties of light weight soils with air foams using industrial X-ray CT scanner.

A series of water absorption test and drying test were conducted using in-situ light weight soils whi This paper investigates the behavior of real progressive failure of reinforced foundations. Firstly, a series of model loading tests on unreinforced and reinforced foundations are carried out, in which the ground is modeled by aluminum rods.

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X-ray computed tomography scanners, better known as "X-ray CT scanners" have been widely used for medical purposes. Citations 8. Supporting Information. Cited By.

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Stipp, H. Looking for the Signal: A guide to iterative noise and artefact removal in X-ray tomographic reconstructions of porous geomaterials. Advances in Water Resources , , Pair your accounts.

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